Lavender Sleep Pillow Mist
Lavender Sleep Pillow Mist

Lavender Sleep Pillow Mist

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Lavender Sleep Body and Pillow Mist is widely known as one of the most popular scents used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, and research has shown that it helps to treat insomnia and encourage slow-wave sleep, which is the deep sleep when our brains organize data and refuel for the next day.

Take a stroll through the lavender fields of France as you gently unwind from a long, stressful day. Our Lavender Pillow Mist is gently blended with a hint of Eucalyptus to create a lovely, calming and slightly seductive transition to sleep.

Spray on pillow and mist into air. Breathe in and relax. May also use on linens before ironing or to freshen wardrobe.



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