About Us

Joluxs is a modern line of natural products such as soy candles and aromatherapy. We make our clients know they can grow more and achieve better through the motivational messages we pass alongside our products.

Our brand is committed to letting you know that you can still do better and swim through the tides. We’re a human-focused and quality-oriented brand, and all our products and messages speak this more.

Our Story

At Joluxs, we realize that we have a significant role to play when it comes to giving our clients hope and assisting them in growing emotionally and mentally. So, we tailor all our organic products to bring joy, hope, and scents that elate. Our extensive range of all natural products is non-toxic, scented, and ideal for any home.

We’re a faith-based company, operating from Florida, and delivering amazing products to clients in United States and beyond. Our organic candles and wax melts are made from our in-house all natural vegetable blend wax. Our organic skin care products among others give amazingly natural results. We strive to formulate our products to give our users the best experience.

Joarys Rosario –  CEO and Candlemaker

Joluxs didn’t just spring up. Founded by Joarys Rosario, it has been a journey of steady growth and growing passion for serving our audience the best organic products and message of growth. 

Joarys is a mother of 3 and a wife who bagged her diploma in Pharmacy and has always been committed to finding a cause for happiness.

After much efforts and consideration, she came up with the idea of offering products with messages to push others through difficult times.

Our passion for inspiring and giving others the guts to live and grow is undying, and our line of products is all natural and formulated just for you.


For more information our email is: Joluxs.co@gmail.com

Phone Number: 1-(407)600-3386 

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