Cultivating Mindfulness Through Scent

A guide on how to unlock the power of meditation aromatherapy in three easy steps

There is no denying the powerful healing potential of meditation.  From holistic healers to scientifically backed studies, meditation is widely recognized as natural way to heal a wide array of emotional and medical conditions for those who practice it.  By calming the mind and focusing energy, meditation can lessen anxiety, eliminate stress, and improve overall health outcomes.  As studies continue to be performed on the benefits of meditation, new information regarding the importance of adding aromatherapy to the practice is being released regularly, leading many practitioners to encourage the use of scented candles and oils to enhance their meditativeexperience.  

Understanding the science of scent can help create a more powerful, resilient, and transformative meditation session, and while one could spend years researching and studying the impact of aroma on our emotional and physical being, unlocking the power of meditation aromatherapy can be done in three simple steps.

1. Identify Your Intentions and Choose Accordingly Basic meditation asks that we set an intention for our practice – a personal goal, dream, or resolve that we are called to focus our energy on.  Aromatherapy meditation explores that intention and matches it with a corresponding scent designed to enhance that experience. Seeking mental clarity?  Choose an aromatherapy candle that contains Rosemary.  Longing for relaxation without drowsiness?  Light a candle containing Cedarwood.  Looking to unlock your personal spirituality?  Breathe in Palo Santo.
2. Choose Your Conduit Once you have identified the aromatherapy that complements your intention, choose your delivery method.  Candles are an ideal method of aromatherapy meditation, due largely to the soft, warm, healing light and the consistent and steady release of scent.
3. Reflect on Your Experience  If you have never dabbled in aromatherapy meditation before, it is critical you spend time after your session to explore how the experience impacted you.  What sensations did you notice in your body?  How did your mind focus?  Were there any emotions you didn’t expect?  Aromatherapy meditation is a wholly individual and customizable experience that can be adjusted over time to improve your results.

Meditation is a powerful process, and when partnered with aromatherapy, the results can be quickly amplified.  Uniting the mind and senses in one moment of quiet intention can have a tremendous impact on our emotional, spiritual, and physical self, and aromatherapy meditation is a beautiful way to achieve incredible results.